In order to build a personal style, you must realize that it is a habit and you’ll have to work on it. Just like any other habit, that you want to build or break, you have to, 1. want to and 2. work on it. Just like muscles that you would go to build in the gym, you need to put the reps in. Incorporating these 5 simple habits will help you improve your personal style.

1. Take a Look at YOUR Wardrobe

Before scrolling into Instagram, Pinterest and looking for a brand new style, see what you have and work with it. Take out things that you will never wear or maybe things that you haven’t worn in years. If you haven’t got the time or an occasion to wear those outfits yet, the chances of an occasion coming in the future are pretty less. Once you declutter your wardrobe see what you wear the most and find out the reason behind wearing it so often. It can be the confidence that style gives you or maybe pure comfort. Find your reason and next time when you purchase any outfit see through it whether that outfit qualifies for that reason. This tiny decision will make sure you take the most out of the outfit that you purchased.

2. Be Patient Before shopping

The practice of shopping without giving it much thought IMPULSE SHOPPING and it will take up your mind, money, and space. When you don’t have anything to wear, it’s usually because you buy things on impulse. To avoid impulse shopping, the best way is to WAIT for at least 24 hours or a few days to cool off and think about it. Usually, when you allow yourself to sleep on something you’ll completely forget about it even wanting that. Unless it’s something you really wanted. It will be HARD to avoid those offers, but these offers are mainly to make you take an impulsive decision. You should realize that these offers come again because most of the products will get restocked and there will be the same offer again.

3. Investing in Basics

Getting your hand on the basics will save you time and make you look well dressed all the time. Basics are easier things to style. You can always style it up and down according to your preference. Investing in basics will make sure you have something to wear always. For example white shoe, the chances of you going wrong with a white shoe are less than one percent.

4. Getting Dressed for NOTHING

You might think that dressing up for nothing will be a waste of time and effort, But by doing so you will be able to play with your outfits and self-analyze what you like and what works for you. Nobody else will be able to find your personal style other than you and for that, you must dress up.

5. Accessories are your Bestie

Accessories can make or break the look. These tiny things matter more than you think. It is said that people look at your shoes and your watch and then judge you in the first 3 seconds that you meet – if that is how much time you get to make a good impression, there is reason enough to work hard on your accessories for that favorable impression you want. They can add a touch of elegance or ruin a great ensemble, so it’s important to accessorize with the right items for each look

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