Fall is the definitely the perfect season when it comes to styling, as you can combine my favorite aspects of winter (like chic jackets and fun layering) and summer (like showing some skin and playing with color) to create an especially dreamy wardrobe. When you are shopping for fall go for The classics. Oversized blazers and slacks will be making a highly anticipated return but this year, they’re joined by cozy striped sweaters and ballet flats (cue gasp). Yes, ballet flats! The shoe we all thought was doomed to being an early 2000’s fashion faux pas has made a triumphant comeback. Hopefully, you’re ready to give them a second turn. Denim is also eager for a reinvention its is coming in at full force in dress form. As for accessories, maximalist jewelry is still all the rage. Statement pendants are the coolest way to express yourself this season. Keep reading for more details.

Super oversized Pants

When it comes to fall bottoms, the baggier the pant, the better. Especially when it’s paired with a tighter top to balance out the weight of the ensemble. Even better: basically any shoe looks good with these bottoms. Ballet flats, chunky sneakers, boots, trainers you name it.

Striped Knit Sweater

Stripes are a pattern that comes in so many widths, colors, and formats that it never goes out of style. However, there are moments where stripes break out of their preppy affiliation and find their way into every aesthetic. This is one of those moments. The pattern looks great in a loose-knit weave sweater, long sleeve t-shirt or even on a blazer. Pro tip: always check the men’s selection of sweaters if you love an oversized look.

Knitted Half Zip Sweater

If you were obsessed with the summer edition of the coastal grandmother esthetic, then you need a half-zip to keep the fun going through the fall. The style is the perfect combination of sporty and preppy—and looks much cuter than wearing a sweatshirt.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats have been trying to make a comeback for a few seasons but I’m here to report that it’s finally show time. Now before you decide this trend isn’t for you, I beg you to take a deep breath and let go of the grudge you have against ballet flats. You can wear them with linen slacks, chic midi skirts, vintage denim and even a low-rise mini skirt.

Demin Dress

One of the best parts about fall is slipping into an incredible pair of jeans but a new denim trend is on the rise: the denim dress. Denim dresses are about to take the prime spot. Denim dresses come in strapless, long sleeve, mini and maxi dress form—and they’re all amazing.

5 Fall Fashion Trends for 2022: Must Haves

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