Styling your blazer is the best thing you can do to amp up your style game this season. Blazers can be effortlessly styled up and down just as per your liking. You can easily style your blazer up by using chunky jewelry or with the gorgeous boots that you have and in case, if you want to dress it down you can always include jeans or a hoodie, or maybe a cap. Blazers are going to look good no matter how you wear them. Here are some ideas to style your blazer for the season.

1. Jeans

If your aesthetic scream CASUAL, EFFORTLESS then jeans is your best friend. Jeans are the best way to style your blazer down yet look sleek. You can pair your blazer with everything casual such as sneakers, caps, and a hoodie.

2. Matching Co-ords

You can never go wrong with Co-ords. Matching co-ords means perfection in simple words. You can style your blazer with matching bottoms, it can be a trouser or a skirt, or even shorts. To style up your look accessorize your blazer with chunky jewelry, heels, boots, and belts, and to style it down go for casual shoes, or cap, or style a toe bag.

3. Blazers as Dresses

If you are looking for a dress but not a dress then an oversized blazer it is. Pairing an oversized blazer with a belt and bouche stockings can give you all the princess look that you wanted.

4. Shorts

Shorts are going to give you all the casual look that you will ever need with your blazer. Just like jeans, you can style them up and down with a basic wardrobe that you already have.

5. Trousers

Looking for more of a boss vibe? Then Trousers are your solution. Pairing your blazers with trouser and styling it with heels and gold accessories made to the stylish boss and styling it with sneakers or a cap will style it down without losing its boss vibes.

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