Dresses and shoe styles come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to fall in love with them all. Putting these pieces together into the perfect ensemble isn’t as easy as it might seem. A key to remember is that pretty and practical can coexist. Additionally, it is important to combine them when wearing well-dressed clothes! When dressing for the day, the style and the situation usually complement each other, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble! Before paring you should ask yourself these questions:

Where are you going?

It’s important to understand the occasion before deciding on your formality level. For more formal occasions, consider stepping up your style with heightened heels, quality materials, and more bling. Instead of stepping too far out of your comfort zone, consider amplifying your usual styles with an enhanced aesthetic feature, such as a metallic sheen or sparkle.

What are to going to do?

Anticipating the day’s events and activities will help you pick the most appropriate style. When you choose the wrong style, you can ruin your outfit, but also ruin your comfort, ability to enjoy yourself, or your ability to achieve your goals. So consider both practical and beautiful aspects of the style.

What are you going to wear?

When it comes to selecting your shoes, not only should you consider your dress style, but also its color, texture, print, or pattern. With the exception of exact color matches, which can look unbalanced due to their color, texture, print, or pattern, matching shoes can be relatively straightforward and easy! Shoes that are a shade or two darker than the dress will look the most balanced.

Perfect pairings

Although most pairings can be easily achieved with a little attention to detail, there are certain style pairing that exhibits pronounced perfection and makes it easy for you to pull off a great pair.

  • Sporty dresses pair particularly well with slip-ons, sneakers, platform sandals, and, of course, cute flats in casual style.
  • Short casual dresses are versatile and have the potential to pair well with sneakers, flats, heels of any style, moccasins, loafers, wedge sandals, clogs, flat sandals, little ankle booties, and even tall boots at the right times.
  • Short formal dresses pair particularly well with heels of any style and flats in formal styles.
  • Business dresses are generally worn with closed toe heels no higher than 4”, thanks to common dress code policies. With that in mind, many closed toe flats in more formal materials will pair great with business dresses as well.
  • Long casual dresses call for strappy and sandal style high heels, gladiator sandals, Greek sandals, wedge sandals, block heel sandals and platform sandals.
  • Long formal dresses pair perfectly with heels of almost any style
  • Trapeze and shift dresses pair particularly well with flats in all forms, wedge sandals, block heel sandals, flat sandals of any sort, clogs, heels of any other style and even boots.
  • Slip dresses pair particularly well with slip-ons, sneakers, clogs, strappy heels, block heel sandals, platform sandals and wedge sandals.
  • Summer dresses call for sandals! Whether they be flat T-strap, gladiator or Greek style sandals, or lifted wedge sandals, block heel sandals or strappy sandals — it’ll be up to your dress, but there normally aren’t any bad options!

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