Changing your lifestyle is not an easy task but not an impossible one as well. It’s really easy to go from a good lifestyle to a bad and no one is going to stop you from doing so. You always have to put yourself in a better lifestyle. Every day you are growing physically so you need to grow mentally while growing make sure you grow as a better version of yourself. Always remember to take small steps otherwise you will find yourself having a hard time. Here are some simple habits that will make sure you are growing as a better version of yourself. Turning these habits into your lifestyle will bring out the best in you.

Love Yourself

Prioritizing yourself above all things is going to change your perspective of life entirely. Some may find it selfish but it’s their view and it doesn’t matter. You should have your way of doing and dealing with things. Trust me when I say you will never find a person who has all the same ethics as you because everyone is different. It’s completely normal to act the way you do because people judging you doesn’t know what you have been through and how to deal with it. Spending time with yourself will allow you to understand yourself better than someone telling you who you are. Take yourself on dates and even on shopping that will allow you to take decisions by yourself without anyone else judgment.

Sleep is your Best Friend

Sleeping is the remedy for your physical and mental stress. Sleeping allows your mind to relax and your body to take a rest from all the roaming. In an interview, a well know businessman was telling that a person shouldn’t sleep for more than 6 hours because sleeping more than that will never make you successful, it’s some bullshit because feeling grumpy and not able to take a good decision is not going to succeed. Sleep as much as your mind and body want, it can be 6 hours or even 8 hours. Success depends on your mind, not your sleep.


Everyone knows why and how exercise is good for you but still people have a hard time doing exercise. It is mainly because you consider exercise as some work that must be done rather than a lifestyle. Making exercise a part of your lifestyle just like breathing or brushing your teeth, or taking a bath will keep you up in terms of fitness. When it comes to exercise there it is not necessary to hit the gym or do hardcore exercise. Some basic exercises which will boost your energy are more than the best.

Eat What you Love

Resisting yourself from eating what you are craving will be worse for you mentally than eating it. Don’t be guilty about eating what you love because that will affect your mental health badly. Guilty will stay in mind for longer than the food you ate. Eating whatever you want unless it is affecting your health is never bad, for instance, if you are craving a burger and you don’t have any health issues and you do your exercises as well then there is no need to stop yourself from eating that burger. On the other hand, if you are craving a burger and you are a bit overweight and you don’t do your exercise then eating that burger will be bad for you health-wise first and mentally later on.

Healthy Mindset

Mostly when it comes to the healthy way people think of physical health and things that are related to physical health, but you have to think about mental health as well. Everyone wants to look the best and for that, they buy good skin care, good clothes, shoes, and many more but looking good on the outside is not enough, being good on the inside is more important. You may not realize you’re your emotions and behavior are the results of your thinking, perceptions, and beliefs. Therefore unhealthy and negative thinking can affect your life so much and changing it would result in a healthier and positive mindset.

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